Fly Lights: One Part of Outside-In Pest Control

Ecolab LED Fly Light being serviced by an Ecolab Pest Elimination Service Specialist

Fly lights (also sometimes called Insect Light Traps or ILTs) are not a stand-alone answer to fly problems. If you operate a food processing, food retail or foodservice facility, fly control is part of the business. And although fly lights are a valuable part of a comprehensive fly programme, they are not a complete solution.

Flies cause food-safety issues, repel customers and can result in point deductions or fines from a regulatory inspection, so when you get rid of flies, you're taking care of your profit and brand.

Outside-In Approach to Fly Control

Ecolab's outside-in approach to pest control is beneficial to controlling all flying insects, but it is particularly directed toward large flies, which primarily live and breed outside. The approach focuses on finding the root cause of large fly activity, reducing fly pressure around the building, and solving issues before flies reach the interior.

Our outside-in approach includes three key steps: 

  1. Prevent fly entry opportunities: Minimise open-door time and consider vestibules, air curtains and plastic strips.
  2. Reduce exterior fly pressure: Use good sanitation, a targeted treatment of exterior surfaces and fly stations/traps.
  3. Eliminate interior fly activity: Ensure all indoor flies are eliminated and minimise additional entry opportunities.

When you partner with Ecolab, you get the best scientifically proven approach and service.

Our protocols were developed by entomologists, so the approach is scientifically proven, and the outcome is effective.

Exterior: Your service specialist performs inspections to find breeding sites, fly attractants and entry points, and provides recommendations to correct those conditions.

Interior: Your service specialist eliminates any flies that do make it inside. We use targeted treatments, equipment and proven inspection techniques to solve fly problems—helping prevent risk and eliminate flies. Our professional range of flying insect light traps are strategically placed to monitor and catch flies.

Ecolab's fly programme focuses on addressing root causes of fly activity to effectively manage fly presence. While utilising fly lights as part of the effort, we emphasise a holistic approach that not only aims to keep facilities fly-free, but also protects your bottom line, food safety, guest satisfaction, and brand reputation.


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