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Sales Gas


Remove H2S from produced gas at the well pad to continuously meet sales and pipeline specs. UltraFab's automated systems eliminate costly chemical over-treatment and provide peace of mind that regulatory specifications are met. Our team of experts provide startup support and **ongoing onsite service to minimise downtime and increase safety.

UltraFabTM Solution Makes Haynesville Drilling Economical

Case History:  UltraFab Flooded H2S Removal Systems cost effectively treat a wide range of operating conditions, presenting an effective solution for most Haynesville wells exhibiting high initial flow rates followed by steep declines in gas volume and moderate drop in pressure. 

UltraFabTM Solution Prevents Gathering System Shut-ins

Case History:  The UltraFab solution removed the concerns of routine shut-ins and operational problems, and the process operated at an optimized efficiency on a continuous basis.