Legionella Control Strategies

Working with all industries, we are the independent water safety specialists disinfecting over 1 billion gallons of potable water annually. If your Water Management Plan calls for control strategies, we have the tools and expertise to mitigate and help reduce your facility’s risks.

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Pathogen Analytical

Legionella testing is used to validate the effectiveness of your control measures. At Nalco Water, we have our own Legionella laboratory that is accredited by the New York Department of Health ELAP (Environmental Laboratory Approval Programme) and is a US-CDC ELITE member holding a Certificate of Proficiency in culturing Legionella in environmental samples. Nalco Water’s laboratory follows the ISO 11731 culture methods for Legionella identification and enumeration. We also support culture testing for other waterborne pathogens, and we can help you with the interpretation of test results.

How Nalco Water solves Waterborne HAIs
Short Term Remediation

Short-Term Remediation

Nalco Water can perform remediation services on many types of water systems including cooling towers, potable water systems, decorative water features, and potable water storage tanks. Remediation involves not only cleaning and chemical disinfection but also providing the proper documentation to verify the process was completed. Our remediation services can be scheduled in advance or requested during an emergency. Nalco Water has a long history of performing routine and emergency remediation services to help your facility remediate a water system to regain control and reduce risk.

Long-Term Control Strategies

Your facility may need a long-term control strategy when verification and validation steps demonstrate that a system is at increased risk for microbial growth that cannot be managed with routine engineered controls or short-term remediation strategies. Based on the findings of a risk assessment we will recommend strategies to mitigate risk that could include supplemental disinfection and point-of-use water filtration for potable water systems, or various disinfection procedures for cooling towers.

Legionella Control Strategies

Supplemental  Disinfection

Supplemental disinfection continues to be identified as one of the best strategies to limit microbial growth in a building’s domestic water system. Domestic cold and hot water systems can provide ideal conditions for pathogen growth, and system complexities can be challenging to address. At Nalco Water, we understand the complexities of treating cold and hot water systems with a supplemental disinfectant. We have developed technology to generate chlorine dioxide or chlorine onsite to address these unique challenges. Our entire platform is monitored and controlled by our award-winning 3D TRASAR™ Technology for Supplemental Disinfection includes our 24/7 Customer Assurance Centre.

Point of Use Water Filtration

Safe water matters in healthcare and hospitality facilities. Nalco Water can incorporate point-of-use water filters in an emergency to allow time to implement remedial action, or they can be used as a long-term control strategy for high-risk or critical patient care areas. These filters can be used for bathing showers, sinks, ice machines or other water fixtures. Select water filters are available with a filter life of 14-Day, 31-Day, or 62-Day.

Legionella can infect Cooling Towers

Water Safety Protocol for Cooling Towers

With recent Legionella outbreaks being linked directly to cooling towers, it’s essential that you understand the “What” and “How” to reduce risk for Legionella in a cooling tower. Whether it’s the NY regulations or understanding industry accepted best practices, Nalco Water will help you develop the right solution to achieve compliance and manage your operational risk. Nalco Water provides a complete water safety solution that includes Legionella testing, tower inspections, online disinfection, off-line cleaning and disinfection, and implementing a cooling tower focused Water Management Plan.