Water Quality Intelligence: Powered by ECOLAB3D™

Real-Time Water Quality Monitoring and Management

Water quality data and analysis is an essential part of an operation. With Ecolab’s Water Quality Intelligence, powered by ECOLAB3D, you can see critical information at the site, asset or enterprise scale. Our advanced industrial water treatment technology helps identify and target water quality issues and underperforming assets, so you can take quick action to conserve water, save energy and cut costs.

How Water Quality Data Drives Water Efficiency Management

Water Quality Intelligence combines controller data, field data, laboratory data and customer-defined KPIs and analysis to deliver real-time updates. Having these water quality monitoring and management capabilities helps you react quickly to problems, improve asset performance, and avoid costly operational upset. 

  • Delivers performance visibility at enterprise, site and asset levels
  • Improves asset integrity by helping you head off failures before they happen
  • Enhances industrial energy efficiency through performance insights that help identify water waste and drive corrective action
  • Enables value project prioritization with visibility into savings impact across the enterprise

Water Quality Intelligence Drives Water Performance

Water Quality Intelligence delivers real-time performance monitoring to help you maintain and enhance water quality throughout the operation. Our water treatment monitoring system helps you set performance benchmarks and drive operational savings.

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Quickly Identify Underperforming Assets

Water Quality Intelligence powered by ECOLAB3D enterprise map

Visualize Data and Conduct Deep Trend Analysis

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Pinpoint Water Quality Problems

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Take Swift Corrective Action

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Effectively Manage Value Project Pipeline

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Evaluate the Financial Impact of Water, Energy and Waste Reduction Projects

Real-World Value with Remote Monitoring Water Analytics

Water Quality Intelligence provides real value across a range of industries. With our experience in water conservation, quality and management programmes, we can help you build resiliency into your industrial systems. 

That means that you will be able to: 

  • Gain visibility of water treatment programme performance across the enterprise
  • Identify water-related risks and trouble spots
  • React quickly to avoid costly operational upset
  • Track operational performance over time across the organisation
  • Identify and prioritize value projects for faster completion and savings realization


This kind of stewardship isn’t just good for business - it’s good for the planet. Water Quality Intelligence helps you identify opportunities to increase asset efficiency, improve system performance, conserve water and save energy.


How An Enterprise System Can Benefit From Water Quality Data Analysis

Learn how Water Quality Intelligence powered by ECOLAB3D can help you save water, reduce costs and improve industrial energy efficiency.

iiot platform

ECOLAB3D™ IIoT Platform

ECOLAB3D is a remote monitoring water analytics platform that compiles information from IIoT controllers, monitoring systems, sensors, and other sources. Advanced analytics, including artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, translate that data into precise insights at the asset, plant, and enterprise levels. ECOLAB3D solutions deliver anywhere, anytime operational visibility to help companies make smarter decisions to improve performance, manage risk, and save water and energy.


Intelligence in Action

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