Primary resource industries keep the world moving. Primary resource industries include power, chemical production, primary metals, refining, petrochemicals, mining and mineral processing, and more. These industries, and the communities they serve, cannot afford production losses or shutdowns. Public health situations, natural disasters, or other crises further complicate operations. 

Real outcomes require digital insights to maintain and maximise operational performance, financial stability, and sustainability. 

Nalco Water elevates heavy industry production with a strong platform of digital solutions. By applying technology that delivers performance insights, Nalco Water can help you stay onsite and online with connected operations.



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Featured Solutions

3D Trasar PowerPlant

3D Trasar

3D TRASAR™ uses an interconnected ecosystem of smart technology, innovative chemistry, and extensive expertise to deliver effective results. Nalco Water offers 3D TRASAR solutions for cooling water, boilers, membranes, and more. Check out our brochure to learn more.

engineer viewing a tablet in boiler room, various bubbles show data and information from the tablet

OMNI™ Platform – Total Heat Exchanger Performance and Condenser Analytics

OMNI is a comprehensive programme for the power and chemical industries that provides unmatched predictive insight into critical asset performance, delivering a step change in reliability and profitability throughout your entire operation.


Refined Knowledge™

Maximise performance and profitability in your refining and petrochemical operations with reliable smart data and access to your system from anywhere, anytime. Refined Knowledge, powered by ECOLAB3D™, drives performance in downstream operations, delivering insightful data in real time to reduce risks and optimise assets.

Downstream Refining Images


Nalco Water’s new CrudeFlex platform helps refineries safely achieve unprecedented crude flexibility. The CrudeFlex system of configurable, innovative technologies includes an accurate prediction model that enables refiners to quickly simulate and predict the stability of any crude blend. CrudeFlex expands crude flexibility, extend unit run and enable optimal operations.


SCALE-GUARD™ Intelligence

Scale is an undeniable factor of mineral processing. Scale build-up causes throughput reductions and increases cleaning downtime, which restricts the productivity of your operation. SCALE-GUARD Intelligence, powered by ECOLAB3D™, helps maximise production, optimise your cleaning process, and mitigate downtime. The proprietary Cleanliness Factor™ algorithm learns from your operating parameters and establishes boundary conditions for the performance of your heat exchanger.

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Water Balance Intelligence

Water stress can impact the financial and environmental sustainability of mining and mineral processing operations. Whether dealing with water scarcity in dry, arid regions, or water over-abundance in storm or natural disaster situations, your mineral processing plant requires a stable water balance to operate. Water Balance Intelligence combines data-driven insights from your plant and regional conditions to help you manage your water table predictively so you can minimise your operational risks and cost.