Bed Bug Solutions and Training Tools

Bed bugs can put your brand at risk and while there is no way to prevent bed bugs from entering your facility on people or personal belongings, Ecolab can help you be proactive in proper bed bug control by identifying signs of bed bugs and addressing potential infestations.


  1. Thoroughly inspect incoming (used) furniture and wall hangings for bed bugs.
  2. Direct housekeeping personnel to inspect guest room linens, headboards and beds daily.

Look for Signs of Bed Bugs:

  • Adult and nymphs
  • Eggs and cast skins
  • Blood stains and fecal spots
  • Inspect loose wallpaper for fecal marks or dark spots

Detection of Bed bugs

  1. Notify the on-duty supervisor immediately.
  2. Strip the bed and place linen in a separate linen bag and seal.
  3. Follow a strict protocol for infected linens to help prevent bed bugs from spreading to other rooms.
  4. Keep the vacuum in the room until Ecolab Pest Elimination has inspected it.
  5. Keep the room closed and do not allow occupancy.


To remove bed bugs from your hotel, call Ecolab Pest Elimination immediately.

Teaming Up Against Bed Bugs

This instructional video teaches you how to inspect for bed bugs and provides the information you need to help protect your business, guests, and brand reputation. Click here to view this video in other languages.