Ecolab Launches New Air Separation Performance Solution for Chemical Processing

August 22, 2023

“The potential impacts of an inefficient main air compressor are significant and challenging.”

David Lofstead

Senior Vice President and General Manager for Nalco Water’s Global Chemical Division

  • OMNI™ Air Separation Performance, powered by ECOLAB3D™, is a proprietary digital service that optimizes energy and water consumption to help main air compressors run at peak performance.

  • Utilizing 3D TRASAR™ technology, the solution provides continuous monitoring to predict variability, prevent issues and maintain operations so producers can minimise costs, maximise profitability and enhance sustainability.

NAPERVILLE, Ill. – August 2023 – Nalco Water, Ecolab’s water and process management business, introduces OMNI Air Separation Performance, powered by ECOLAB3D. The solution utilizes digital technology and insights to help optimise the production efficiency of main air compressors used by a variety of industrial operations, including industrial gas producers, ammonia producers, chemical plants, and more. 

Main air compressors are critical assets within industrial gas plants. They require tremendous electric energy to compress inlet air, resulting in over 80% of the cost of the air separation unit. Water, energy and greenhouse gas emissions are linked, and air compressor inefficiencies can increase water and energy consumption, ultimately impacting Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) goals along with operational performance and profitability.

"The potential impacts of an inefficient main air compressor are significant and challenging,” said David Lofstead, senior vice president and general manager for Nalco Water’s Global Chemical division. Each incident can result in reduced profitability with additional energy costs and production losses of approximately 2-3%, as well as potential increased electrical consumption by 1-2%.

OMNI Air Separation Performance, powered by ECOLAB3D, helps industrial gas producers optimise energy and water consumption by monitoring the main air compressors so that they maintain peak performance. This innovative digital solution leverages predictive analytics to turn real-time data into results. The solution provides secure data integration and cloud analytics – all with unique diagnostic tools that increase visibility and correlate information to key performance indicators. 

OMNI Air Separation Performance uses 3D TRASAR water management technology, taking a predict, prevent and maintain approach. When combined, the Nalco Water programme helps:

  • Minimise operating costs and downtime
  • Maximise performance, profitability and asset life
  • Advance ESG goals by optimizing water and energy consumption to reduce carbon emissions

To further support the solution, the Ecolab Global Intelligence Centre’s (EGIC) dedicated team of chemical engineers and support personnel provide 24/7 monitoring. With a global hub and spoke network that offers secure, personalized service, the experts at the EGIC focuses on identifying and analysing operational variability so they can escalate issues to address system challenges. The combined solution helps ensure that the right decisions are made to improve the reliability of the water-cooled heat exchanger and reduce electricity consumption in the main air compressors. 

“At a time when climate and water scarcity issues abound, OMNI Air Separation Performance gives industrial gas producers a tangible tool that can help create more efficient operations that lead to reduced greenhouse gas emissions,” said Lofstead.

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