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Rodent Ceiling Service

Ecolab’s Rodent Ceiling Service goes above and beyond regular pest control programmes to provide a whole new level of protection against rodents. Based on Ecolab data, 40% of businesses with interior rodent activity also have rodent ceiling activity. Our Rodent Ceiling Service controls the problem, effectively eliminating mice and rats from hard-to-access ceiling areas—and beyond—before they can take hold and cause damage to your business.

Ceiling Protection: An Extension of Our Outside-In Approach

Commercial rodent control typically takes a ground-level approach—strengthening the perimeter to keep mice and rats out. But rodents are exceptional climbers, and businesses can often find themselves with rodent activity in their ceilings and other hard-to-access spaces.

Our Rodent Ceiling Service takes Ecolab’s Rodent Elimination Programme to the next level. A powerful extension of our pest control programme, our Rodent Ceiling Service rises above the industry’s standard perimeter approach to provide an extra layer of protection against rodents. It also includes:

  • Proactive rodent control and monitoring in ceilings, voids, along ductwork, behind walk-in freezers, under display cases and more
  • Innovative technology that detects emerging rodent issues before they escalate
  • Discreet, proprietary equipment that works behind the scenes, completely unnoticed by guests
  • Industry-leading service by highly-trained Ecolab Service Specialists
  • The Ecolab Rodent Ceiling Service has shown a 3x faster reduction of interior rodent activity within a facility.*

Our Rodent Ceiling Service is tailored for your particular facility and situation. To learn more about how it works for your type of business, download an info sheet below.

*Based on Ecolab Data

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Kitchen Innovation
Award Winner

Our Rodent Ceiling Device received the USA’s National Restaurant Association’s Kitchen Innovation Award in 2020.


Download the Rodent Ceiling Service Case Study

Reducing Rodent Risk Protects Popular Restaurant Brand

A national restaurant chain implemented Ecolab's Rodent Ceiling Service. Within a year, more than 97% of its locations had zero rodent ceiling activity.

Rodent Ceiling Service Video

See how rodents get into restaurants and other facilities and how Ecolab’s rodent control in ceilings provides the added protection you need to keep them out.

Rodent Ceiling Service Demo Video

This video demonstrates the effectiveness of Ecolab's rodent control ceiling devices within a ceiling void.

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