Craft Brew Programme

Partner with the experts at Ecolab to keep your brewery on the leading edge of quality, safety, efficiency and sustainability. Ecolab’s integrated brewery cleaning and sanitation programme helps improve and simplify brewhouse cleaning processes and systems to save you time and help producing consistent results every time.

Summit Brewing Testimonial
The head brewer from Summit discusses how Ecolab doesn’t just sell brewery cleaning chemicals; we help you make serious savings. Listen as he talks about the benefits of partnering with Ecolab. 


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Comprehensive Brewery Sanitation and Water Solutions

As the industry leader in cleaning and sanitation solutions with a depth of brewery experience, we help optimise brewing operations, support exceptional beer quality and empower your team to work smart and safe.



craft brew cleaning and sanitizing recipes
Cleaning and Sanitizing Procedures

This is one area where you don’t have to develop your own recipe from scratch. We’ve got proven procedures to help ensure a clean and sanitized operation with every batch.

Available Sanitation Procedures:

  • Mash Tank
  • Lauter Tun
  • Brew Kettle
  • Fermentation/Maturation Tank
  • Aging and Bright Beer Tanks
  • Kegs
  • Heat Exchanger
  • Parts Cleaning and Soak
  • Environmental Cleaning

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Ecolab Safety Matters Training on a laptop

In an operation like yours, everyone wears multiple hats. Luckily, we’ve got your back. From sanitization advances to food safety updates, we continue brewing up training programmes to help keep you and your team up to speed.

Available Training:

  • Chemical Safety
  • Brewery Sanitation Basics
  • Brewhouse Sanitization
  • Brewery Cellar Sanitization
  • Brewery Packaging
  • Hall Sanitization
  • Brewery CIP

For additional information, please contact your sales representative or use the Contact Us form.

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Service is locally delivered by your personal Ecolab representative with best-in-class, innovative solutions and hands-on support.
Safety at Your Brewery Matters
Automated dispensing and Ecolab guidance on brewery chemical safety and procedures helps keep your crew safe.
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Sustainability Matters
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