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Data Centre Life Cycle Management

Water and energy optimization are often afterthoughts in data centre development, even though data centres increasingly face the realities of water scarcity and carbon regulation with expansion of their global footprints. Nalco Water collaborates with leading design and engineering firms to optimise water and carbon usage throughout the data centre life cycle.

From data centre site selection and design through
post-treatment, we help solve end-to-end water management challenges.

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Strategies for Data Centre Site Selection

Water plays a significant role in data centre operations. What are the water-related factors that can impact data centre site selection?

Through water quality and availability assessments, the Nalco Water team partners with you to work through considerations such as:

  • Sourcing alternative water supplies
  • Budgeting for increasing water prices 
  • Investing in smart water management
  • Engaging stakeholders – internal, community and government
  • Developing a plan for environmental permitting
Icons to represent services offered to manage the data center life cycle


Best Practices for Data Centre Design

We help companies take a proactive approach to data centre site design. With a long-range view of efficiency and site capacity, data centres can scale for the future while avoiding costly retrofitting.

By evaluating water balance details and operational needs, our data centre experts support efforts to:

  • Incorporate plans for alternative water supplies into the data centre design blueprint
  • Develop and implement water resiliency plans as part of preliminary data centre site design
  • Choose cooling system designs based on water prices, availability and operational demands
  • Build action plans based on smart water management and established data centre best practices
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Data Centre Construction Support to Incorporate Smart Water Design

We help you bring smart data centre site designs to life. Data centres gain water security assurance and reduce net potable water footprint through our reduce, reuse and recycle strategies.

Through equipment installation and start-up, we help data centres:

  • Deploy infrastructure to treat water entering and leaving the facility
  • Leverage capabilities to improve water security and sustainability goals
  • Integrate alternative water supplies through equipment and processes
  • Incorporate data centre design elements that prepare the site for future water challenges
Icons to represent services offered to manage the data center life cycle

Operate and Assess:

Ongoing Data Centre Water and Energy Use Optimization (WUE/PUE)

From the day your data centre comes online, our team helps put your water management plan into action. Our data centre water experts also help monitor for optimization and compliance, to keep you running safely and efficiently.

To maximise operational efficiency and asset health while mitigating water risks, we help data centres:

  • Implement ongoing cooling water treatment
  • Utilize managed operations to oversee non-IT cooling assets
  • Monitor for water safety risk and environmental compliance
  • Audit data centre facilities to assess opportunities for additional water use optimization