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Dry Strength Additives

Dry strength for any paper grade is a balance between fibre selection, basis weight, refining, press loading, and the use of chemical additives to meet the required specification at the lowest cost.

Nalco Water’s strength and productivity improvement platform is a synergistic programme developed to enhance machine efficiency, reduce energy demand, and optimise strength to weight ratios for papermakers.

Dry Strength Featured Product Line

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METRIX Titan Technology for Strength and Productivity Improvement enables printing & writing, towel and paperboard manufacturers the ability to increase strength, enhance drainage and balance system chemistry to enhance production, improve sheet quality and increase profitability.

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METRIX Dragon Technology is a new line of multi-functional products designed for higher strength and productivity across all grades of paper and paperboard.

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An innovation in dry strength, Ultis Dry² Strength Technology is a platform providing recycled paperboard and packaging manufacturers higher levels of strength in a dry polymer form. 

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Multifunctional dry strength additives for improved production efficiency

The desire to improve production rates while also reducing raw material costs is driving a growing trend towards lighter basis weights and the increased use of recycled furnishes. This paper examines multifunctional dry strength additives used to improve paper strength per unit of basis weight while lowering the total cost of operation in board and packaging grades.