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Maintaining brand standards is essential to the success and longevity of your company. An ongoing commitment to quality and consistency helps improve customer loyalty and satisfaction. It is important to proactively establish and maintain brand standards to ensure your company’s position in the marketplace.

EcoSure's industry-leading programmes help large organizations assess and improve the delivery of appropriate brand standards at all locations of their business. We create an end-to-end brand protection solution by partnering closely with your brand. The programme consists of tailored assessments, insightful data and reporting, training and coaching support and programme enhancements for continuous improvement.

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What is an EcoSure Programme?

EcoSure partners with global brands to create a comprehensive brand protection strategy—prioritizing the brand protection areas that are the biggest drivers and focus areas within your organisation. These core areas range from brand standards, food safety and public health and guest experience, to product quality and workplace safety.

Once we identify your brand priorities, our team works collaboratively with you to build a customized programme that includes on-site assessments, scoring and reporting that is designed specifically for the needs of your brand. 

During unit-level assessments, we identify potential issues and opportunities for improvement and engage with teams to encourage positive changes. Relevant parties receive assessment data along with actionable insights that mitigate risk and drive improved customer satisfaction. 

EcoSure partners with you to:

  • Determine programme priority areas
  • Customize programme design
  • Conduct on-site assessments
  • Discover actionable insights
  • Recommend programme enhancements
  • Evaluate, define and maintain brand standards

Core Brand Protection Programme Components

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EcoSure experts conduct on-site assessments designed to provide an understanding of your unit-level operations. The custom visit scope can include adherence to brand standards, as well as other focus areas that are critical to your business.

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Actionable Insights

EcoSure’s thorough data collection and reporting capabilities empower your brand to see improvements through unit-level reporting, insight dashboards and executive-level business reviews. Your EcoSure team will use industry insights alongside assessment data to make unique recommendations based on the needs of your brand.

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Training and Corrective Action

Our brand protection programmes centre around employee training, coaching and corrective action at the unit level. This helps build a lasting employee culture that prioritizes safety, accountability, knowledge retention and empowerment. Our dedicated training visits and action plans are designed to be flexible, allowing for improvement without disrupting your operations.


Industry Best Practices

EcoSure has expertise in the design and delivery of global brand standards across multiple industries. Our close relationships with industry professionals also enable our team to stay up-to-date on best practices. This helps ensure our programmes are aligned with the latest trends, enhancing your brand standards insights and driving impactful results.


How does EcoSure drive improved delivery of brand standards?

EcoSure takes a partnership approach in creating your brand protection programme.

EcoSure partners with you to develop a strong brand standards assessment and compliance programme, helping you deliver a consistent experience representing your unique brand across all locations.

Our on-site evaluations cover critical aspects of your brand experience, such as customer service, product displays, front of house décor and marketing compliance, as well as consistency across locations. Through our on-site coaching approach and by utilizing data-driven insights, an EcoSure programme empowers your teams to maintain a cohesive brand identity that resonates with your customers.

We work with your brand to build custom assessment criteria, which can include:

  • Customer Service/Service Quality: We evaluate how effectively your staff engages with customers and guests, delivering on your specific brand promise.
  • Cleanliness and Conditions: Our team assesses overall location cleanliness and conditions, identifying areas requiring improved processes, products or investment.
  • Facility Guidelines: We look at front and back of house décor and fixtures, assess against required brand design standards and review overall location maintenance and upkeep. 
  • Product Merchandising and Displays: We assess your product placement and displays, reporting on their alignment with your brand's vision and how effectively they showcase your offerings to engage your customers.
  • Curb Appeal: We evaluate your spaces to ensure they embody your brand's essence, leaving a lasting impression on your customers. 
  • Menu and Branded Programme Compliance: We verify that your menus and branded programmes adhere to your brand-specific guidelines, and that new items, products and services are being rolled out and delivered properly to promote a consistent and reliable experience.
  • Inventory and Stock: We assess your inventory management practices, helping you to confirm that the right products are available at the right times to meet customer demand.
  • Staff Uniforms and Hygiene: We provide insight on your staff's uniform and hygiene practices, helping you to ensure your brand standards are being upheld.
  • Marketing and Advertising: Our experts evaluate your in-unit marketing and advertising materials, checking that they are updated to reflect your brand's current promotions and campaigns.

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Benefits of a Brand Protection Strategy

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End-to-End Programme Management

The EcoSure team is responsible for programme buildout, execution and data analysis. 

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Consistent Employee Performance

Our approach is centered around training, coaching and corrective action at the unit level, which helps to build an employee culture that emphasizes safety, accountability, knowledge retention and power. 

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Actionable Insights

Our visits offer insight into everyday operations so our team can make recommendations specific to your brand. 


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Exceptional Client Experience

EcoSure’s unique all-inclusive agreement structure is transparent, creating the opportunity to build a collaborative partnership and focus on driving programme results. 

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