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Maintaining food safety is absolutely essential to a brand’s trustworthiness and long-term reputation. A single negative food safety incident can impact your entire brand. The EcoSure assessment and brand protection programme is a best-in-class programme that helps you understand and improve operations including food safety, public health and beyond. 

EcoSure offers a comprehensive and versatile programme that covers major areas integral to an organisation's brand protection. Our programme empowers your teams to proactively address food safety concerns and related operational issues, minimise risk and create spaces that will drive customer satisfaction and improve brand reputation. 

The food safety assessments within EcoSure are built on Food Code, HACCP principles, and industry best practices to ensure that food safety standards are being upheld in your everyday operations.

What is an EcoSure Programme?

EcoSure works closely with your organisation to deeply understand your brand and brand needs. We design a comprehensive brand protection strategy that incorporates the brand concerns and business objectives most important to your organisation. EcoSure has a core focus on food safety and public health, but also assists brands with guest experience, quality control, workplace safety and more. 

After determining your priority areas, including but not limited to food safety, our team collaborates with you to design a unique programme that includes on-site visits, reporting and analysis that is customized specifically to your brand. 

Assessments at the unit level identify challenges and opportunities for improvement and work with teams to facilitate positive changes. We also package and deliver assessment data in custom reports with actionable insights.

These reports drive improvements in guest experience and satisfaction and mitigate risks–which is why, according to an internal study, after 4 years, EcoSure customers experienced a 16.2% decrease in normalized critical findings. 

EcoSure partners with you to:

  • Determine programme priority areas
  • Customize programme design
  • Conduct on-site assessments
  • Discover actionable insights
  • Recommend programme enhancements
  • Improve food safety best practices and risk mitigation

Core Brand Protection Programme Components

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The expert field advisors at EcoSure conduct on-site assessments to offer insight into your unit-level operations. The visit scope is flexible and tailored to your needs, and can include a focus on more than food safety–such as guest experience, brand standards, public health, product quality and workplace safety. 

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Actionable Insights

Our detailed data collection and reporting provide insight into your everyday food safety operations at the unit level. Reports, data dashboards and executive-level business reviews provide recommendations for action. EcoSure's team also uses industry insights to make specific recommendations, based on the needs of your brand.

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Training and Corrective Action

Our programme centres around training, coaching and corrective action at the unit level. This builds a lasting employee culture that emphasizes safety, accountability, knowledge retention and empowerment. We provide dedicated training visits and action plans with flexibility in mind, allowing for improvement without disruption to day-to-day operations. 


Industry Best Practices

EcoSure offers unmatched expertise in food safety and public health across the globe. Our close partnerships with regulators and professionals ensure that our team stays up-to-date on best practices and industry trends. This active involvement ensures our programmes are aligned with the latest standards and trends in the field and helps enhance your food safety insights for more impactful results.

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How does EcoSure drive food safety improvements?

EcoSure experts bring deep knowledge of food safety best practices and industry standards to every programme. We coach and train your associates in each location to help ensure guests have a safe dining experience.

EcoSure offers a comprehensive food safety assessment programme designed to help you protect your customers and brand. Our expert evaluations cover all critical aspects of food safety, including cooking temperatures, contamination prevention and menu compliance to help you create safe and quality dining experiences. Through our onsite coaching approach and by utilizing data-driven insights, an EcoSure programme empowers your teams to mitigate risks, prevent foodborne illnesses and maintain a reputation built on safety and quality.

We work with you to build custom assessment criteria, which can include:

  • Cooking Temperatures: Proper cooking temperatures are crucial in preparing your dishes to perfection and decreasing the chance of transmitting harmful pathogens.
  • Food Safety Knowledge: We assess the food safety knowledge of your team, empowering them to maintain impeccable standards throughout your operation.
  • Contamination Prevention: Safety begins at the source. We help you implement contamination prevention measures, with the goal of safeguarding your products from start to finish.
  • Beverage Stations: We evaluate your bar and beverage stations for proper maintenance and cleanliness practices.
  • Hot/Cold Holding: Temperature control is critical. We verify that your hot and cold holding equipment maintains the ideal conditions to keep food safe.
  • Food Preparation & Storage: Our experts inspect every step in your food handling processes to ensure compliance with safety standards.

Benefits of a Brand Protection Strategy

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End-to-End Programme Management

The EcoSure team is responsible for programme buildout, execution and data analysis. 

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Consistent Employee Performance

Our approach is centered around training, coaching and corrective action at the unit level, which helps to build an employee culture that emphasizes safety, accountability, knowledge retention and power. 

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Actionable Insights

Our visits offer insight into everyday operations so our team can make recommendations specific to your brand. 


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Exceptional Client Experience

EcoSure’s unique all-inclusive agreement structure is transparent, creating the opportunity to build a collaborative partnership and focus on driving programme results. 

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