Antibacterial Foam Hand Soap (DigiClean™ AB)

Antibacterial Foam Hand Soap is a pre-lathered antibacterial soap with a light citrus scent that kills microorganisms which can cause illnesses. Antibacterial Foam Hand Soap contains 0.3% Triclosan. This foam soap provides excellent coverage to help improve hand hygiene, while offering a better guest experience.
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product information

Product Code Pack Size
6123672 6 - 750 ml
6100754 6 - 750 ml
6100755 4 - 1250 ml
6100272 2 - 1600 ml

Features and Benefits:

  • Light citrus scent
  • Mild antibacterial foam
  • Uses Digifoam dispenser
  • Best for Food Service and general areas of use
  • Kills microorganisms which can cause illness
  • Contains 0.3% Triclosan


  • Kills bacteria on hands to help reduce food safety risks
  • For use in back of house and public and employee bathrooms