Internal Treatment

Combined with effective pretreatment, an internal treatment programme can ensure that your boiler system is generating safe, reliable steam. Our internal treatment offerings inhibit the formation of mineral scales and minimise the deposition of metal particles. The right internal treatment chemistry, in conjunction with mechanical and operational expertise, can help you increase the time between boiler cleanings and maximise your boiler efficiency and steam production.

No matter how well the water entering the boiler is prepared, an Internal Treatment programme is needed to keep your boiler running at its best.  There are four major problems that can occur inside the boiler, including: Scale, Deposition, Corrosion and Carryover. 

These issues typically are not isolated.  For example, under-deposit corrosion can also occur from concentrating mechanisms beneath the scale or deposit layer.  Carryover of boiler water solids into the steam may result from high levels of corrosion products in the boiler.

We offer a full complement of treatment programmes to protect your boiler and keep it running efficiently. Pair your treatment programme with 3D TRASAR Boiler Automation to maximise programme effectiveness. We also offer an array of supplemental programmes to further enhance your system performance. Some of our key programme offerings include:

  • Blow Down Control
  • All Polymer
  • Phosphonate
  • Residual Phosphate
  • Chelant