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Hand Hygiene Programme

Establishing proper hand hygiene procedures is one of the easiest ways to reduce the risk of cross contamination and prevent the spread of illness in your operation.

Ecolab’s comprehensive Hand Hygiene Programme will strengthen good manufacturing practices on the production floor and throughout your facility. We’ve developed a total hand hygiene system that combines effective chemistry and expertise — making your hand cleaning habits efficient, safe1 and simple.

Why Focus on Hand Hygiene?

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Estimated 80% of Infections

are transmitted by hands.2

Teardrops as a chart

95% of People

don't wash their hands adequately.3

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Three Days

is the amount of time some germs can live on moist surfaces.4

Hand Hygiene and Hand Sanitization Offerings

Nexa™ Dispenser

Nexa™ Dispensers and Refills

Reliable, low-maintenance manual and touch-free options. Two sizes and a variety of refill options provide flexible choices.
Ecolab Nurshing Foam Hand Sanitizer

Tabletop Dispensers

Packaged and designed to be placed wherever necessary for hand washing and sanitizing.
Ecolab Express Gel Hand Sanitizer

Personal Size

Portable sized hand sanitizers and soaps for field employees and travelers on the go.

Hand Hygiene Recommended Practices

Clean Hands: Hand Sanitizing Video from Ecolab

Clean Hands: Hand Washing Video from Ecolab


1. Safe as long as products are used as directed.
4. -only-5-percent-wash-hands-correctly

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