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Helping Solve Your Toughest Challenges

With the Ecolab Patient Room Programme, you have objective evidence of a clean, safe environment so clinical outcomes and, ultimately reimbursements are not compromised. The Ecolab Patient Room Programme focuses on the following areas:

  • Improved Cleaning Results
  • HAI Risk Reduction
  • Water & Labour Savings
  • Higher Patient Satisfaction Scores

Technologies for Patient Room


Having the right products in the right places that address your facility's specific challenges.

  • OxyCide™ Daily Disinfectant Cleaner helps capture cart and closet efficiencies with a on-step solution, eliminating the need for general disinfectant, sporicidal disinfectant, toilet bowl cleaner, glass cleaner and stainless still cleaner. Kills Clostridium difficile spores and 32 other organisms in 5 minutes or less.*
  • High Performance Neutral Floor Cleaner provides 22% better cleaning than standard neutral floor cleaners, and does not damage or dull floors.
Ecolab Patient Room Program in Service


More than simply phone support, Ecolab representatives are located across the country to provide timely, in-person collaboration, product service and training.

  • Our consultative approach includes baselines and time studies so you can track your hospital's cleaning performance across a continuum.
  • Service reports detail inspections performed and actions taken, including repairs and calibrations and verifying that equipment is maintained and within acceptable Environment of Care ranges.
Ecolab Patient Room Program inservice Training


We elevate your staff's knowledge and skills by combining in-person training, aligned with healthcare best practices, with online training and visual  job aids.

  • Best practice cleaning methods and training support materials aligned to industry guidelines.
  • From training through implementation and change management, you can count on Ecolab's personally-delivered support to guide you toward successful outcomes.
Heat map and DAZO applicator


Data reported through dynamic dashboards, tracking trends, optimizing performance, and helping to change behavior. 

  • Patented DAZO® Fluorescent Marking System objectively measures thoroughness of your cleaning process and mimics microbiological data better than ATP.**
  • Actionable reports are immediately available via our customer portal for you to help address areas that need improvement.
OxyCide Dispenser and Bottle

OXYCIDE™ Daily Disinfectant Cleaner

 Sporicidal disinfectant cleaner formulated for daily use+

  • Strong enough to kill C. diff spores, but gentle on surfaces. Compatible with most surfaces found in healthcare settings.
  • Formulated for daily use, enabling proactive intervention against C. diff and other HAIs.
  • Helps capture cart and closet efficiencies with a powerful one-step solution that eliminates the need for multiple other products.

DAZO Monitoring System

DAZO® Monitoring System

Provides objective evaluation of critical cleaning outcomes

  • Easy-to-use marking gel provides quick, objective evidence that cleaning has been preformed.
  • Actionable data immediately available to focus training efforts and drive continuous improvement.
  • Dynamic dashboards provide real-time, actionable data immediately available to focus training efforts and drive continuous improvement. 
  • Dynamic dashboards provide real-time, actionable cleaning reports so you can make timely changes to stay in compliance and target training efforts for continuous improvement.
Training on app

service & Training

Personally delivered service and training to support your operations 

  • Our consultative approach includes baselines and time studies so you can track your hospital's cleaning performance.
  • Personally delivered, hands-on training based on healthcare best practices.
  • Regularly schedules preventative maintenance to ensure ongoing efficient ongoing efficient operation.

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