Intelligent Rodent Monitoring System Provides Greater Visibility & Prescriptive Service

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Experiencing increased rodent pressure at their large distribution centre, an Ecolab Pest Elimination customer wanted greater visibility into pest activity occurring both inside and outside the facility. The customer’s 4 million square foot distribution facility, located within a warehouse district surrounded by water and tree lines, is within a few miles of an active import/export facility. The dense vegetation combined with local environmental factors created an ideal breeding ground for rodents by providing direct access to food, shelter and water.

To prevent pest risk, it is essential to first identify and address the root cause(s) of pest activity. The root causes identified as contributing to the customer’s pest activity included open doors, multiple entry points, deliveries of goods to and from the nearby import/export facility and structural and sanitation issues.

Recognizing Ecolab Pest Elimination’s expertise and valuable partnership, the customer asked Ecolab to develop a comprehensive digital solution that would provide greater visibility and detail into the root causes to help reduce current rodent pressure and proactively prevent future pest risks. Ecolab’s digital innovation provides additional insights and data to help pinpoint rodent activity, pressure points, and high-risk areas – all imperative for a more prescriptive service, further safeguarding the facility.
Pest Insights


Following the facility assessment, the Ecolab Service Specialist recommended Ecolab’s Intelligent Rodent Monitoring System featuring Pest Insights Map Powered by Ecolab3D™ to help solve the distribution centre’s pest problem. The Intelligent Rodent Monitoring System combines smart, connected equipment, and visual insights with onsite and data analytic expertise to achieve pest-free facilities.

Now, the Ecolab Service Specialist is enabled to combine their pest elimination expertise with powerful data and insights such as date, time and location of equipment and activity to focus on the most critical areas of the facility to drive a more proactive and prescriptive service.

After implementing the Intelligent Rodent Monitoring System, the customer found an overall decrease in pest activity. This resulted in 3X more pest findings, a 67% increase in resolved structural and sanitation findings and an overall decrease of 80% in pest activity. Now, the customer has greater visibility into pest activity with the Pest Insights Map, so they can be confident that their distribution centre is better protected from pest risk.

"There were multiple examples of exterior and interior activity that led to a structural finding or a door being left open." - Ecolab Service Specialist

The Results

3X more pest findings 

+67% increase in resolved structural and sanitation findings

= 80% decrease in pest activity


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