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Custom Healthcare OEM Solutions

Ecolab provides full-service healthcare OEM services — from design to delivery. We collaborate with customers to create custom solutions, and then take it to the next level with optimization, design and testing. Because of our unique model, we can drive innovation through collaboration across RD&E, supply chain, quality and regulatory.

When you choose Ecolab, you get a partner with global resources and decades of insights and expertise. We don’t just know healthcare OEM, we have insights about what your customer needs and how they’ll use your product.

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End-to-End Custom Solutions

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Sterile Field Protection

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Cleaning and Disinfection

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Clinical Process Expertise

Surgical Drapes for Sterile Field Protection

Your customers need to protect patients and staff while maintaining optimal equipment performance. Our custom-fit sterile drapes help you deliver exactly what they need.

Surgical drapes are high quality and designed to custom-fit your equipment's complex geometry and precise movements:

  • Withstand repeated movements to maintain sterile field
  • Won’t impede high-precision movement
  • Help to protect equipment surfaces from damage

Ecolab has wide-ranging expertise in sterile drape:

  • Design and manufacturing
  • Materials science
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Sterile packaging

Find out how Ecolab’s Healthcare Advanced Design Centre brings to life our custom, end-to-end healthcare OEM solutions.

Healthcare Chemicals for Cleaning and Disinfection

Our chemical products are optimised for performance and available as private label. They deliver what you care about: Cleaning and antimicrobial efficacy along with material compatibility. This helps your customers prevent infections, protect patients and main equipment integrity.

Ecolab offers specialized products for:

  • Instrument reprocessing
  • Endoscope reprocessing
  • Environment cleaning and disinfection
  • Skin hygiene

Our dedicated RD&E teams have expertise in:

  • Chemical formulation
  • Material compatibility
  • Antimicrobial efficacy
  • Dispensing engineering
  • End user experience

Ecolab’s Clinical Process Expertise

Ecolab healthcare OEM doesn’t stop at products; we also know process. Our evidence-based protocols create compliant and efficient standards of care that help improve clinical, operational and financial metrics in the OR.

  • Industry-leading knowledge in OR and CSD processes
  • Innovative products, protocols and digital data management
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