Refined Knowledge™ 

Powered by ECOLAB3D™

Refined Knowledge Powered by ECOLAB3D drives performance in refining and petrochemical operations, delivering predictive data in real time to reduce risks and optimise assets. We understand the challenges you face, and that the industry is increasingly focused on data-driven performance.

Refined Knowledge™ collects data from numerous sources, allowing our partners to combine intellectual property, business processes, analytics and more to safely, efficiently and profitably succeed in an environment with increasing levels of business complexity and economic constraints.



Delivering the Power of Information, on Demand.

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Smart Data In Real Time

Refined Knowledge™ is about the convergence of data sources into one secure place, allowing Nalco Water to gain unparalleled visibility into your operations.

By partnering with us, your organisation receives a comprehensive solutions approach that is not only aligned with your short and long-term goals but is also backed by state-of-the-art research and technical support facilities around the world.

Key Benefits

  • Collection and analysis of complex streams of critical data
  • Real-time data visualization, alerts and notifications
  • Actionable insights and escalation process to manage threats and mitigate risks
  • eROI calculations to optimise total cost of operation
  • State-of-the-art automation

Refined Knowledge Powered by ECOLAB3D

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Intelligence in Action

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