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Looking for a custom kit solution to decrease turnover time in your operating room (OR) and better fit your facility needs?

Ecolab offers a full range of Surgical Room Turnover Kits to help improve patient turnover and cost effectiveness in your facility. Our comprehensive kits are efficient and can be customized to meet your specific needs.

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Over 2,000 operating rooms across the country rely on the Ecolab Operating Room Programme, with over 400,000 high-touch objects tested in the OR each year. Our Operating Room Programme provides a complete offering that helps you monitor and standardize processes to drive and sustain Operating Room turnover efficiency while also improving cleaning thoroughness. 

Ecolab Surgical Room Turnover CleanOp

Ecolab’s CleanOp™ Infection Control System

Our CleanOp™ Infection Control System provide a customized patient turnover solution with streamlined products and tools that work best in your operating room. The system is designed to decrease operating room turnover time, foster standardization and includes staff training on kit usage to ensure rooms are turned over properly.

Ecolab Surgical Room Turnover

Gaining Efficiencies in Operating Room Turnover

Among the most important areas of the hospital, OR cleaning efficiency drive measurable improvements in clinical, operational and financial margins. A well-managed OR results not only in a high surgical turnover, but also in reduced postoperative complications, improved patient outcomes and greater satisfaction.​

Genesys™ Sustainable Technology

Genesys™ Sustainable Technology

Introducing the first line of surgical drapes and waste bags developed with technology that enhances their ability to breakdown in landfills over time.

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